Postpartum Care & Reviews

Since 2012, Mission Sleep has provided night nurse (RN) and overnight newborn care to military and first responder families in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.  As the program grows our aim is to provide postpartum care nationwide.

Local charities such as the Fort Belvoir Officers' Spouses Club and 100 Women Who Care have been amazing contributors but there are many anonymous individuals too. The families of our paid service, Let Mommy Sleep often donate after paying for their own  service and our many baby nurses and caregivers have been known to work for free from time to time. 

To this community and those who have kindly sent reviews we give our heartfelt thanks.

Denise Stern, Rachel Wolf, RN and Jordan Seidel, LC of Let Mommy Sleep on Capitol Hill.

Denise Stern, Rachel Wolf, RN and Jordan Seidel, LC of Let Mommy Sleep on Capitol Hill.

Night Nurse Testimonials

"I just wanted to thank you again. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my chest...(Dad) has been deployed since (baby) was 10 weeks old..."

"My husband and I are both military. Thank you for supporting the military and our children. God Bless."

Thank you again for sending Arat to us a few weeks ago, she was a lifesaver!  Between the military's time committments and getting mastitis, I dont know how we would have managed without your help.   Her stay made such a difference that I was actually able to sing and play with our son in the morning; something I hadn't had the energy to do in a while.  It was magical.

I hope all is well.  know it has been some time now, but I just wanted to say that you and Madeline's support transformed our family. Thomas has been sleeping through the night since October 1st and now I can function as a "quasi-single mom".  

The Mission Sleep program is absolutely wonderful! I had a wonderful experience working with Denise and her staff to coordinate the help I needed. With a little infant at home and Daddy deployed there is always a need for help and a little less stress for me so it was wonderful to be able to trust that my little man would be in good care and I could rest...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that you and your caregivers do!  I literally don’t know how I would cope with both kids with no husband and no sleep.  I wish I had known about you the first time around!  And Andrea has been absolutely amazing.  I hear baby squawking, so I guess that’s my cue.

...your staff is thus far been phenomenal so sure. I'm sure anyone you send will be great…Thanks as always for your services we very much appreciate what you do for us.   -Disabled Veteran Dad

The staff that came to my house to help were so kind and eased any worry I had about leaving my son in the care of someone else, and they encouraged me to rest and relax. As a new mom it is important for me to know that the people who care for my son are "baby people" and have experience and training to take care of them. I wish more military spouses knew about the program and that it would grow to be nation-wide.


We received a grant from Ft. Belvoir BOSC

We had the great honor of receiving a Belvoir Officers' Spouses' Club (BOSC) welfare grant in 2017.

We received a 100 Women Who Care donation!

THANK YOU to the Gainesville Area 100 Women Who Care for this blessing of a $5,500 DONATION!

Mission Sleep attends the White House Summit on Working Families

Mission Sleep and Let Mommy Sleep are the only newborn care providers in attendance at the White House Summit, hosted by President Obama.